We help software startups plan &
execute their marketing strategy.

In our approach, we focus on business needs & goals and implement marketing activities that help startups get actual results (leads, customers, revenue) instead of so-called 'marketing results' (website visitors, social media fans, etc.)

Growth Hacking

We help you build marketing into your product. Let's find out what your users want, and build a product worth recommending. Imagine that each user recommend you at least two new users… Nice, huh?


Even a great product needs great marketing. We will analyze your market & competitors, look into your customer's feedback, and develop a unique strategy for your product [and implement it].

Lead generation, Nurturing & Conversion

Ok, the product is ready, we have strategy, and may be even budget. YAY - let's start the party! Let's help people discover your brand, get interest, develop trust and - finally - become a raving fan of your product.

Marketing On Demand

When you run a startup, you are like six-armed Shiva - doing everything. If you feel like that, you are in a right place. We can help you focus on what's really important by taking care of your ongoing marketing tasks. Email, SMM, ads, content, reputation management, you name it - we'll do.

About the Company

We are passionate about helping great ideas and products make their way to market. We work with products we believe in, and we love what we do.

Our core team is distributed across 2 continents and 4 time zones. We focus on conducting meticulous market, competitor and communications research and put together a 100% unique strategy.

Every client is different, bringing on board a particular character and a set of needs. With that in mind, we assemble a different team of specialists to work with us on every project, by reaching out to part time and freelance professionals all over the world. We match the team to the project so that we are able to give the best solution to each client, individually.


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